26″ JBB Baseball Combo

Description: Our 26” Junior Big Barrel bat and TPE XD ball combo is perfect for kids just beginning to grasp the game. Our oversized barrel design and high flying ball construction make hitting easier, more fun and more rewarding. Includes: 1 JBB Bat 1 TPE XD Ball Features: Weighted to swing like a real JBB bat […]

TPE XD Ball 2-pack

Description: Off of a tee or out of the pitcher’s hand, the TPE XD Ball is designed to fly! Comparable flight to our patented Spaseball, the TPE XD ball is a great ball for your backyard practice and games.Includes: 2 TPE XD balls Features: Similar play and feel to spaseball Longer ball flight

Backyard Ball 4-pack

Description: Can’t decide which of our curveballs is the best? Our 4-pack allows you to explore a variety of different SweetSpot designs, each with its own unique flight properties. From High Curvability to Maximum Hit distances – find which ball is best suited for your game and your yard. Includes: 1 TPE XD Curveball 1 […]

Foam Ball 4-pack

Description: Our foam ball 4-pack is designed to help your youngest players safely practice their favorite new sport. These oversized, low-density balls are easy to throw and easy to catch. Practice anytime, anywhere. Includes: 4 Oversized low-density foam balls Features: Easy to catch Easy to throw Four bold color combinations 11” Circumference

Spaseball 6-pack

Description: Extra spaseballs for extra backyard play. Our patented spaseballs are easier to hit, easier to throw and safer for young players to field.Includes: 6 patented spaseballs

22″ Bat, Ball, Tee Combo

Description: Put your young player in a position for a fun and successful batting experience. The oversized foam bat and ball are designed to help young batters more easily make solid contact and big hits. Combined with our lightweight, easy to set up and easy to adjust tee, this combo makes for a great starter […]

Backyard Homerun Kit

Description: Play ball. The SweetSpot Home Run Kit has everything you need to play your favorite game. Grab your friends, set up a field and enjoy hours of backyard play. Equally well-suited for a relaxed backyard adventure or the most competitive pickup game of your life.Includes: 1 Bat 3 Spaseballs 1 Strikezone 6 Field Markers […]

Ultimate Backyard Backstop

Description: Don’t let chasing down wild pitches interrupt the flow and momentum of your game! The Ultimate Backyard Backstop prevents passed balls and serves as an impartial arbiter of balls and strikes.Features: 5’ x 7’ – Optimal Size for Backstops and Field Barriers Eliminates passed balls and missed pitches Light-weight, multi-purpose net for all-things SweetSpot […]

Spaseball 2-Pack

Description: Extra spaseballs for extra backyard play. Our patented spaseballs are easier to hit, easier to throw and safer for young players to field.Includes: 2 patented spaseballs


  Description: Master your pitching accuracy and curveball skills or incorporate the Strikezone into your backyard games as the ultimate arbiter of balls and strikes. Like your own private umpire, the Strikezone will put an end to arguments over balls and strikes!Includes: 1 Classic Strikezone Instruction Sheet  Features: Lightweight design Portable Perfect pitching tool Designed for […]

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